How to spot the fake Netflix app

How to spot the fake Netflix app
Not too long ago, the Netflix for Android app was only available on certain devices. It ultimately got an upgrade and is now compatible with any Android 2.2 & 2.3 device, but in the days where those of you were searching for Netflix on your non-compatible device, a Trojan started making the rounds. If you installed Netflix from the Android Market, you should be fine, but if you were impatient and grabbed a copy from an outside source, you may be running a fake version which was designed to steal your account information. 

The fake Netflix app is easy to spot once you know what to look for. On the login screen for the official Netflix app, the username/password fields are centered and there are links below in case you need to sign up for an account or if you've forgotten your password. These links do not exist in the fake app, and the username/password fields are justified left in the fake version. If you've already logged in, the fake version's loading screen has a smaller logo, a dark gradient around the edge of the screen, and the word "loading" at the bottom. The official app is a single shade of red throughout, with a larger logo, and just the loading wheel at the bottom. 

Again, if you installed Netflix from the Market, you should be fine. But, if you grabbed it from an outside source, check to make sure you aren't having your account info stolen. 




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Now before anyone says anything. The fake Netflix app was for the NON android market app, before it was official. The one on the android market is real and is safe. So yes of course if you download non official apps, there is always a risk.

2. E.N.

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Wooow..... sorry still had to say it

3. paynekiller

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People will still complain though and totally disregard the fact that they took the risk. So much idiots in the world.. Like the apps on the market that clearly say **ROOT NEEDED** in the description and people still download it and then rate it 1 star and b*tch about it for not working on their unrooted phone asking why do they need root. ( ShootMe Screen Grabber comes to mind) I guess we have to expect this as more people come to Android, especially from the iPhone crowd..

4. E.N.

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I don't think you should worry about people flooding in from iPhone the crowd. I'm sure Android is losing many customers even to the "incremental" iPhone 4S. Worry about the individuals who are coming from feature phones, know nothing about smartphones, and were only looking to take advantage of Android's many free devices.

6. Yeeee

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Only 8% while the iphone is losing more than that to android

9. E.N.

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ONLY? That's almost 1/10 and this is for what everyone's calling an "incremental upgrade." If the prediction of 2.5 million to 4 million is correct, then thats about 250,000 Android users at least..... in one weekend. But getting back to the article, that's what you get for being open source.

14. Yeeee

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Yea but a lot of people are tired of the iphone and they go in to get the new one and end up choosing an android phone. The only people that will keep getting iphones are die hard apple fans.

16. Paden

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That's really not true. I've had many people return their Android phones and switch to Apple. A lot of other people try both and choose iPhone. It's really preference of the OS... Sometimes people choose iPhone, sometimes its Android.. Or atleast that's the way I sell phones. I give pros and cons of both and let them demo each. Other times people say Android sounds better, and I support their decision. Ultimately, its not my view point... You gotta help them choose the best device for them. Long story short. It's not always die hard Apple fans that buy iPhone and stay with it.


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It's no different than using your own computer. If you are stupid and download something with a virus on it, you only have yourself to blame, not your computer and not the operating system it is running. "Click here to download free music! click here for free games! click here for free porn!" yes you are a fool if you download a bunch of crap you aren't suppose to in the first place. People jail break iphones because they want a more open source operating system. I mean it took like 3-4 years before you could finally add a wallpaper as a background, before you had to jail break it. You couldn't do landscape texting unless you jail broke your phone and used a third party SMS app. So yes it is an open source system and you have to be smart about what you download, it's just common sense. Sadly in which a lot of people seem to lack.

10. roldefol

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You took the words... I was going to make the PC malware analogy. Some people have only themselves to blame. The Android-PC parallels keep growing. I was going to make a further analogy today about ICS being Android's XP, but it seemed premature.


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Freedom requires responsibility that's why all the simpletons love Apple. It's completely closed up and restricted, forcing you to have to live with what it gives you. All the good things that an open source operating system completely out weigh the negatives.

12. ardent1

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Nothing you said changes the simple fact that millions, yes millions of worldwide users are happy with Apple's products. The main reason is Apple considers the end user when creating their products and strives to make their products simple, easy to use and fun. Second, Apple considers their products to be trademarked, which is no different than rolex or porsche, etc. If you want to jailbreak your rolex watch because you wanted a different background, then that's your choice as well.

13. ardent1

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The wallpaper argument is very weak. If the ability to change the wallpaper is SO important, then buy a phone that allows you to change the wallpaper. Whatever you do, don't buy the iphone if it doesn't make you happy. The iphone is not for everyone. I still don't own an iphone because the screen is too small. However with Siri, I am considering the iPhone 4S given the artificial intelligence that outweighs the small screen.

15. donato30 unregistered

Of course only something like this would happnen on an android phone. Just get an iphone and dont worry about stupid things like this.

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