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How to set cellular data limits on Android Lollipop

How to set cellular data limits on Android Lollipop
Please note: this tutorial is for inexperienced users.

If you're not using a monthly plan with unlimited data, you're probably always careful not to go over your cap, because this means you'll have to pay extra. Thankfully, devices running Android Lollipop let you easily set cellular data limits, thus helping you use as much data (or is it as little?) as you plan to.

In order to set a data limit on a smartphone or tablet running Android Lollipop, you first need to turn on cellular data. To do that, open the device's main settings menu (by swiping down from the upper side of the screen), and go to Data usage. There you'll find a dedicated button that you need to tap in order to enable cellular data. Once cellular data is on, a new button will appear, letting you set data limits. After you tap on this second button you'll be able to set data limits by dragging an orange line up or down. You can also set a warning limit if you need to know when you're close to reaching your data cap.

Setting a limit will prompt your Android device to automatically turn off cellular data whenever the monthly limit you choose is reached (of course, Wi-Fi data is a completely different story, and isn't affected in any way). Keep in mind that, since your device may account for cellular data slightly different than your carrier, Android advises you to set "a conservative limit."

P.S.: This quick tutorial was made on stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Things might look a bit different on your Lollipop device, depending on the manufacturer's UI.

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