How to reach your health and fitness goals on the cheap with the help of Android

How to reach your health and fitness goals on the cheap with the help of Android
Well, here we are – February 2012. Amazing how fast a month can fly by. It seems like just yesterday we were hashing out our New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like most folks, getting your fitness and nutrition in order was probably on that list and like most folks, those goals are looking pretty lofty now. Before you throw in the towel and sentence yourself to another year of chips and soda, here are some Android apps that can help you get back on track without breaking the bank.

First things first, it all starts with nutrition. There are all different types of diets out there, everything from low carb to vegetarian to the cabbage diet, but the basic rule of thumb is you need to use expend calories than you consume. If you’re not reaching your weight goals, the best place to start is tracking what you eat.


MyFitnessPal is an all in one food diary. It is very easy to track what you eat by searching its food database that contains over 1 million items. The Android app integrates with barcode scanning software so most of the time tracking your meals is as easy as scanning the package. For those out of the ordinary cuisines or custom meals, MyFitnessPal also allows you to enter your food items and create your own meals. It is also customizable if you want to use it to follow a specific diet such as Atkins, South Beach Diet, or Zone. In addition to Android, MyFitnessPal can be accessed from the web and has apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, so no matter what your phone flavor of the future is; you can stick with the same system. The best part is, it is 100% free. No app charges, no subscriptions, no premium upgrades.

MyFitnessPal [Android Market Link]

Drinking Water by Chickpin

We all know we need to drink water, but most of us don’t drink enough. In addition to hydrating your exercise sessions, water can energize you, clear up your skin, and best off all, promotes weight loss. The Drinking Water app allows you to specify how many cups of water a day you would like to drink and allows you to check off the cups as you go. The app spreads them out throughout the day and sets off reminders every time you should have a glass of water. Drinking Water is free with ads or $1.00 ad-free.

Drinking Water [Android Market Link]

BeerGut Fitness

Some of you may eat well and exercise, but those liquid dinners (or after dinners) are derailing your weight goals. You could cut alcohol our of your diet altogether, but as the great Benjamin Franklin said, “There cannot be good living where there is no good drinking.” With that being said, the best alternative is to work it off. BeerGut Fitness allows you to input what you drank and tells you the amount of calories and about how much exercise you need to do to work it off. It has entries for beer, wine, and mixed drinks and gives you the option of walking, running, swimming, or cycling to work it off. BeerGut Fitness is $0.99 in the Android Market, but will probably pay for itself the first time you hit the bar and have a few less.

BeerGuy Fitness by LiveOncePlayHard [Android Market Link]


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