How to monitor your mobile data use easily on iPhone


Apple's latest iPhones are all about speed: with the blazing fast Apple A9 chip loading up webpages is as quick as it gets, but this is a double-edged sword. Opening up more webpages, watching more videos and consuming more images results in using more mobile data and that could quickly end your monthly allowance.

While there is a way to check your data usage in iOS itselft, it's a bit tedious to go into settings every time you want to do it.

Instead, what you might want to do is to set up a widget in your today panel that you can quickly access and customize to show you just how much data you've consumed in a given period. 

There's a plethora of such widgets on the Apple App Store, but we'll show you just one that works great for us: Traffic Monitor. It's a dedicated free app that comes with a widget that shows you both the data you use on Wi-Fi and cellular, and allows you to know how to better organize your data usage. We walk you through the installation and show you how it all looks right below.

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