How to import your iTunes music library to your Android device using Google Play Music

How to import your iTunes music library to your Android device using Google Play Music
If you've just recently switched to an Android smartphone after using an iPhone, chances are that you want to import your iTunes music library. What may seem like a difficult task at first is actually a fairly straightforward process. 

In this article, we'll teach you how to import an iTunes library to your Android smartphone using Google's Play Music.

Obviously, one way to import your iTunes music library to an Android device is by manually copying the music to your new Android smartphone, but this path has the major disadvantage that the library on your Android device will not stay in sync with the iTunes library, meaning that when you purchase new songs in iTunes, you'll have to repeat the process. Furthermore, depending on the OS of your machine, some drivers might need to be installed as well.

As it turns out, Google's own Play Music has a pretty neat web utility that lets you import your iTunes music library to the cloud. If you're not much of a fan of cloud-based music streaming, don't worry, there's a way to have your smartphone download the entire library over Wi-Fi. The process is incredibly simple, as we're about to explain.

Note: Play Music is available as a free service as long as you limit yourself to storing 50,000 songs. Chances are that you don't have more in your iTunes library, but if you do, you'll have to pay $9.99 per month to unlock the ability to upload unlimited songs.

  • Step 1. Go to the Google Play Music webpage.

  • Step 2. If you haven't already, sign into your Google account.

  • Step 3. Agree to the terms of service (after a careful read, of course).

  • Step 4. If you haven't associated a credit card with your Google account, do that now. This is step is required to confirm your location, as music rights vary by country.

  • Step 5. Google Play Music will detect that you have an iTunes library stored on your machine. Select the radio button associated to "Add music from iTunes".

  • Step 6. Check the button that reads "Keep Google Play up to date when I add new music to these folders".

  • Step 7. Leave the browser open and let Play Music upload the files to the cloud. Depending on the size of your iTunes music collection, this may take a while.

  • Step 8. Open the Play Music app on your Android device, go to Menu -> Settings. Scroll down and check the automatic cache option. 

There you go! Now once your Android device connects to a Wi-Fi connection, it will automatically download all of your files from the Google Play Music server, and they will be available at any point, even when you're not online.



1. ARTE.8800.

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A new editor. Where is Michael Heller.

2. gaming64 unregistered

Hope this guy has better grammar and effective construction of speech.

3. ARTE.8800.

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Michael H, was the best editor for Phonearena.

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Because you are so dumb and can't understand it...

5. mrej201

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This way is so painfully slow.. at least in the stupid macbook.. it take forever to upload to Google server when my connection is 75/75mbs not only that but the process stop everyone and quit

7. Iknowthisall

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same thing is happening for me i have a good speed but this progress takes a while

6. Cyberchum

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Apple iTunes, one of the many ways Apple frustrates its users. Never want to deal with that s**te.

9. sonia125

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to get this done, the simple way is to rip a cd in itunes and rip it back as mp3 files. when done, transfer the mp3 files onto android device for playing. or you just turn to software used to convert drm media for help. here list some good ones.

13. tyer205

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Manually copy your iTunes music files into a temporary folder on your PC. Then connect your Android to the computer via USB. Drag-and-drop music files to your Android. Another paid but easier solution with tools:

15. Cpqtippee

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The recommended tool here is Samsung Transfer, which is user friendly software to help you transfer iTunes music to Android . Just download the right version of the software according to your computer system version.

16. JohnObrain

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Try out MusConv to convert your music and playlists into different music platforms. It's easy-to-use and I'd highly recommend it.

17. KevinRonk

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Try using MusConv it is a tool in which you can transfer your tracks and playlist without any issues. Just visit

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