How to check if your Android device has dropped frame issues or not

How to check if your device has dropped frame issues or not
In the early days of the Android operating system, the platform was notorious for the very noticeable and annoying stutter that became all the more apparent as you used your phone more and amassed more and more apps, running your phone with less and less available storage. The issue of lag on Android, however, has been dealt with by Google over the past few iterations of Android, and the current crop of top-tier smartphones have little or any of that typical lag.

Still, it's not uncommon to see a demanding task bring the system to a short stutter or a halt. Is this the case on your device or is it just all in your mind?

There is an objective way to check if your device drops frames (and how often) with an official solution by Google. It requires you to first unlock Developer Options on your device (by going to settings, then about phone, and then clicking 7 times on the build number of the phone), and then you get to enable GPU rendering monitor. When displayed as bars on your homescreen, every bar above the middle horizontal line symbolizes a dropped frame. Follow the instructions below to enable the 'Profile GPU rendering' option on your phone and let us know whether it drops frames in the comments section right below.

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