How long do iPhone users take to upgrade their device?

How long do iPhone users take to upgrade their device?
At this point, most people are probably familiar with the fact that young Americans are the key to Apple’s commercial dominance. The iPhone is insanely popular amongst Gen Z users, with the group making up more than a third of all iPhone users in the US, according to an article by the Financial Times.

Now, a new survey by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) sheds light on the consumer patterns of American iPhone users and how they change across age groups. The results, first covered by AppleInsider in a dedicated article, showcase the ways in which youngsters differ when it comes to iPhone upgrades.

According to the survey, almost half (45% to be precise) of all American iPhone users aged 18-24 buy a new iPhone “in less than 2 years”. Some 13% even opt for annual or more frequent upgrades. This indicates that youngsters are much more likely to have the latest and greatest device Apple has to offer. No wonder CIRP published the results under the title Younger Customers Are Addicted to iPhone Upgrades.

The mania for the latest smartphone is not unique to Gen Z, however, and there is a (slim) minority of users that display a similar enthusiasm for Apple products across all age groups. In general, the share of users that spend “less than a year” with a single iPhone is fairly consistent amongst consumers below the 54-year mark, and averages at about 10%.

Most iPhone users take about 2 to 3 years to upgrade their devices, with only those in the 65+ year category having a tendency to spend more than 3 years with the same iPhone. Hence, there is a silver lining. The iPhone is indeed increasingly more future proof and those consumers that are not “addicted to iPhone upgrades” can comfortably spend 2 years or even more with the same device.

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