Hitman Go gets expanded with 15 Airport levels, new enemy types and game mechanics

Square Enix's stealthy chess-puzzler Hitman Go has gotten a meaty update. Actually, "expansion pack" sounds more appropriate, as the game received 15 new levels as well as new enemy types and gameplay twists. For starters, there's a new Airport chapter, which will see you testing your assassination skills in a new surrounding.

Next up is the civillian mode, which tasks you with staying undercover until you get the chance to make a killer move. To make matters worse for our bald-headed protagonist, Square added new high alert guards that can watch two lines at the same time. The option to skip turns and wait in the shadows for the right moment to strike approaching enemies is a welcome improvement in game mechanics. Finally, automated walkways pose another challenge as they take players directly to an extended location.

The Airport update is free to those that successfully finished the $4.99 original game, while not so passionate mobile gamers can have it for $0.99. Pretty good bang for your buck if you like Hitman Go. iOS gamers can already install the update, while the Android crowd will have to wait a week or two.

via Android Central


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