Higher iPhone screen resolutions reportedly hindered by in-cell touch 'bottlenecks'

Higher iPhone screen resolutions reportedly hindered by in-cell touch 'bottlenecks'
Apple's rumored 1080p display for the next iPhone 6s, and a 2K one for the iPhone 6s Plus, if they ever materialize, might be born out of exasperation with the in-cell technology production yields, it turns out. A recent report from the proverbial "supply chain sources" in Taipei indicates that Apple might be having trouble with the in-cell touch technology advancements, namely the inability of display makers to expand it to higher resolutions on the cheap and abundant. When the touch layer is integrated directly in the panel itself, instead of laid on top, thus shaving off precious fractions of a millimeter from the display package itself, and making the screen more sensitive, too.

Granted, JDI recently announced the first Quad HD resolution mobile panel with in-cell touch, but whether those are easy to produce in mass quantities, is a whole different ballgame. Thus, the good old glass-on-glass (G/G) package might be making a comeback in the iPhone, until the in-cell touch bottlenecks are ironed out. 

Moreover, TPK - one of the leading touch solution providers - managed to create a G/G lamination that is only 0.85mm thick, and said it has the potential to go down to 0.71mm even, which wouldn't be that far off in-cell touch packages. In any case, it would be interesting to see what panels the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will come equipped with, if there is any change in their screen resolution this year.

source: Digitimes


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