"Hey Google" hotword is rolling out to Google Assistant on phones

Google Assistant on phones is currently activated by the "Ok Google" phrase, but owners of the Google Home have been able to engage the Assistant by also saying "Hey Google," which apparently many people prefer for some reason or another. Well, we're glad to report that the new hotword is now seeing a wider rollout, after it was made accessible to a limited number of users back in October.

A growing number of users are receiving a prompt to setup voice recognition within Google Assistant again with the new command. All you need to do is repeat the phrase a couple of times as needed, and you're all set. Optionally, you can also ignore the prompt and keep on using the "Ok Google" hotword.

To manually check for the option, make sure that Google Assitant/Search are up to date and go to Settings > Google > Search > Voice > Voice Match to see if the "Hey Google" command has appeared.

That's cool and all, but we can't help but wonder, when is Google simply going to allow us to set our own custom hotwords?

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