Here's an up close look at Google Now on Tap

Here's an up close look at Google Now on Tap
One of the most impressive features announced during Google’s keynote address was Now on Tap. This takes Google Now to a new level in the user experience, and will be part of the update to Android M later this year.

We got to watch a demonstration of Now on Tap up close to see it in action. The demo was pretty much the same as what was presented during the Keynote. However, it is all the better to see it up close.

Now on Tap makes Google Now available without having to leave an app you might be using. More than that, Google Now has contextual access to what you are doing. The result is Google Now linking to more relevant sources, such as movie trailers if you are reading a message to go to the movies, or restaurant reviews if you are corresponding on where to go for dinner.

Our demo worked very smoothly. There was one part where Google Now did not respond, but the device lounge was very loud, and the platform is still being developed, bear that in mind with the video.

What is great about this enhancement is that it will work without any needed work by the app developers, Now on Tap will work across the platform.

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