Here's a video of dudes drilling the Galaxy S7 edge and skating with it

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In what has to be the single most random thing we've witnessed today, this video produced by the gang at Braille Skateboarding shows them drill holes into the Galaxy S7 edge, install skate wheels on the smartphone's smoldering carcass, and hit the skate park with the abomination of a result.

Unsurprisingly, the smartphone flames up and begins to emit toxic smoke the moment its battery unit was ruptured. Maybe rethinking the benefits of removable batteries won't be such a bad idea on Samsung's behalf, especially in extreme use cases like this.

The video also goes to show how dangerous of a component a faulty battery unit can be. No wonder Samsung commissioned a total recall for the Galaxy Note 7. It's exactly to prevent paying customers from becoming victims to a smartphone that burst in toxic flames due to a burned battery.

Understandably, we are sharing the video, because you probably don't get to see such things every day. Don't try turning perfectly functional smartphones into skateboards, folks!

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