Here is why YouTube isn't a default app on iOS

Here is why YouTube isn't a default app on iOS
Remember when YouTube and Google Maps were installed on iOS by default? This has been the case since the first iPhone, all the way to 2012, when suddenly iOS no longer included pre-installed Google services.

At the time, no one really knew why Google apps were suddenly scrapped from the default software, but a lot of consumers speculated that it was Apple trying to give its own alternatives, such as the then-new Apple Maps, more exposure. Turns out, there was a completely different reason.

Google requested that its apps are no longer part of the default version of iOS. For some reason, five years after Google gave Apple a privileged access to YouTube so the latter can build a default YouTube app for the original iPhone, Big G wanted to “take back control of [its] app.”

This revelation comes from Hunter Walk, a venture capitalist at Homebrew, who is also a former long-time YouTube employee. He posted the information on Twitter via a series of tweets. For the sake of having an easier time reading them, we've compiled them below.

If you want to check out the original tweets, you can do so via the link to BusinessInsider at the bottom of this piece.


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