Here is what you get if you type "let it snow" on your iPhone (holiday easter egg)

Apple is trying to get its customers into the Christmas festive spirit with a holiday easter egg that many haven't noticed when it was initially introduced (that's why is called easter egg though).

Some of you might remember that the Cupertino-based company updated its Apple Store application on iOS with the option to purchase iPhones without carrier pre-authorization, and a few other small improvements.

Well, it appears that Apple sneaked an easter egg into the app that does something when you type a certain sentence in the Apple Store. So, wake up your iPhone, open the Apple Store application and in the search bar type “let it snow.”

You'll immediately notice that snowflakes start to fall from the top of the display. You can even shake your iPhone to make the snow move exactly like you would do with a snow globe. It's likely that the easter egg will be available until after the holiday season, but why not go ahead and try it now?

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source: reddit, Rene Ritchie (Instagram) via 9to5mac

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