Apple Store app gains the option to purchase iPhones without carrier pre-authorization

Apple Store app gains the option to purchase iPhones without carrier pre-authorization
Apple made it possible for customers to purchase unlocked, SIM-free iPhone X devices from its online store. Today, the company took another step towards improving customer experience when buying its iPhones.

The Apple Store application that comes pre-installed on iOS devices has just received a small but important update, which adds a new option that enables consumers to bypass pre-authorization and activate later on full price purchases of iPhones on AT&T, Verizon, as well as Sprint. Obviously, you'll still have to activate with one of the US carriers after buying your favorite iPhone, it's just that you can do that later.

Also, Apple confirmed the update adds a scanner that should allow iOS users to add their credit card information at checkout much easier. Finally, the changelog mentions some iOS 11 enhancements, but no other details are available.

Keep in mind that aside from the iOS 11 enhancements, the rest of the new features are only available for customers in the United States.



1. jjface

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2. cncrim

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One of beauty about Iphone is no bloatware, faster update. Carrier have no said in it, why can android doing the same? edit: yea yea Pixel... but I found iPhone make thing so much easier for average consumer.

3. Settings

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Animojis are a great example of bloat.

5. cmdacos

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As is Siri

4. cnour

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Pixel 2 is the failure of the year....

6. Peacetoall unregistered

we all can agree on that.

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