Having problems waking up? Find Me Coffee is now available for Windows Phone 8

Having problems waking up? Find Me Coffee is now available for Windows Phone 8
You know the scenario. You wake up in the morning and groggy, unable to face the world and there is no coffee. By now, you're totally addicted to caffeine so when your body doesn't get it when it usually does, every pore in your body starts seeking it out. So you shakily get dressed and decide that you will hit the closest coffee bar on the way to work. But which one is it? With the Find Me Coffee app, you can find out quickly how close the nearest java slinger is to you. You can even find locations with free Wi-Fi or a location open 24 hours a day for overnight caffeine withdrawals.

What brings this to mind is not our own sad plight (we never touch the stuff, although we do down an ungodly amount of Coca-Cola daily), but is the introduction of the app to the Windows Phone 8 platform. Already available for iOS and Android, the Windows Phone version of the app is actually a port from the iOS variant. The app does offer a double-wide Live Tile which is great when the caffeine withdrawal makes it hard for you to see straight.

Find Me Coffee is a free app, supported by ads and is available from the Windows Phone Store, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you need your cuppa Joe to get going in the morning, this app could be your best friend.

source: FindMeCoffee via WPCentral




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Alan F why was this moderated, this is good news?


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Wtf so you give me a warning for stating the regular posters who like and have good news for this!!!! You're sad AlanF!!! How the hell was I Trolling?

8. UrbanPhantom

Posts: 949; Member since: Oct 30, 2012

You get a warning for being infantile and irrelevant, qualities displayed by the majority of WP haters ;o)


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I would be gratefully and happy if my name was on there! I've seen so many others come on WP article and bash and trash Troll hate dislike it! It's like someone saying I like Android or iOs, but I don't see anything wrong! There are Android and iOs haters! So what's the big deal? So you're more worried what people would think and say, but why? Take it easy, be cool and chill! I was stating that this is good news for all the WP users, now that's classed as Troll? WTF please that's off topic! How so sad and pathetic! As if all the regulars that post and have been visiting PA don't know which users like there platform?

12. chaoticrazor

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all true, just ignore troll he's run his course and now is just a dull predictable kid. best thing to start doing now is not reply to him and if the kid gets to pathetic just comment about him but not too him. if we all pretend he's not there he isnt getting the attention he badly needs and will hopefully take the hint to go away you will be spending alot of time making him look an idiot which aint hard to do i grant you


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What a joke! Says the the guy whose 20 years younger than me calls me a kid! Listen son: geezer!

4. Gtrav

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oooh this is going to be the game changer WP8 has been waiting for

10. NokiaFTW

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Love WP or hate it, you can't deny the apps look great and have a great UI.

17. DWillyEfect

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Great, an app for hipsters that think coffee shops they actually know about are too mainstream.

18. WPhater

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Lot ov WP haters thumbing down.

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