Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
Dear friends,

The passing year was very important for Phone Arena. In January we launched our new site, which in addition to the new interface also in our opinion offers the best set of features. We continuously improve those and recently started to offer 360 Degree Views and Visual Size Compare tool. The first is self-explanatory, while the Visual Size Compare tool allows to visually compare the dimensions of a selected phone with other devices or common objects such as a deck of cards or AA battery.

For the next year we are planing a myriad of new features and improvements! We always listen to you our readers and if you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing suggestions@phonearena.com.

The reason for this post is not to tout our site, but to say Happy Holidays! We want to thank everyone who contributed in some way or form during the year - either with anonymous tips, latest scoop or sending suggestions how to improve something. I want also to personally thank the whole team who makes the existence of this site possible!

Happy Holidays!

Pressian Karakostov



1. unregistered

Yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOA!!!!!!

2. Tami unregistered

I always check your site to find out what's new. Thanks for having such up to date information. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

3. unregistered

actually this website is behind in news compared to other sites but phonearena does have great reviews

4. unregistered

I constantly check the website for phone updates, sadly you guys are kinda behind

5. 2i unregistered

I wish a happy new year for you and i want a lot of new cellphone.

6. clarkey unregistered

happy new year number 1

7. unregistered

if you go to engadget mobile or phone scoop, their news are ahead of phonearena. Couple examples are the blackberry 90000 or pink palm centro these are no where to be found on phone arena. #6 must learn how to use google search. this is why his brain is slow like microsoft live search

8. unregistered

Yet PhoneArena was the 1st site with info and pics on the Samsung U940.

9. Omie unregistered

That's funny, because all the inside info I send goes to phonearena first. Then engadget and phone scoop get the info. i.e. i760, V9m, Q9m, 8350, 8550, 755p. I could go on and on, but ill just leave it at that ;)

10. Majid unregistered

phone arena always the best mobile phones site, with special tnx to phone arena team:)

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