Hands-on with Sony Ericsson K850

Hands-on with Sony Ericsson K850
This is the phone we’ve been craving for since the release of the Nokia N95. After the successful K800, which scored the first place in the 3-megapixel cameraphone battle last year, we were expecting an upgraded model from the manufacturer and the slightly redesigned K810 was not what we wanted to see. The K850 comes as the real refreshment in the line, featuring 5-megapixel camera with integrated lens cover, Xenon flash and additional one for assisting the focus. Add the upgraded interface and we have the top model of the new generation Sony Ericsson phones.

Expect our Sony Ericsson K850 Review soon.



1. mhd maher unregistered

i love it

2. TrueDis unregistered

I still can't believe they have that plastic over the sliding lens cover ... what is the point!?!?

3. Response unregistered

The point is to prevent your lens from becomming scratched, as well as to keep dust from getting on it.

4. Wobbly unregistered

looks great! i just wonder about the functionality of the D-pad and the touch-sensitive soft keys

5. dragserb unregistered

You guys are really slow with the reviews. Gsmarena and mobile-review have already reviewed the phone and found it to be a slightly warmed over K810, with no discernable improvement in picture quality over the K810.

6. Kidoborg unregistered

Yawn, we are not slow - we think it is pointless to review a device which is not final and not even near to be final. That is why on such devices we do Previews and after the final versions are released we do full reviews. How can you test the battery, signal strength, UI speeds etc etc on preproduction unit?

7. brian unregistered

In phone arena's defense, their reviews are much better than GSM arena's. I'd rather get some numbers and some eral opinions rather than fluffy crap from GSM. Mobile review is too mechanical! Keep up the good work Phonearena! K850i *sigh* only if i could afford it

8. dragserb unregistered

You're right, we should wait for the final retail model. However, with the release date nearing, I don't think the phone is going to be much different than what you have right now.

9. Eke unregistered

i don't think die hard sonyericsson users are going to like the dpad because the confirm key is not at the centre of the dpad you have to reach over the d-pad to confirm. what's that? and its a touchscreen. not nice at all.

10. Bahraini unregistered

Wow it's nice i love it

11. Guilherme unregistered

Great phone, ahm? But i think i still prefer W960.

12. mycall unregistered

You are all far too easily pleased. This phone is ugly. W960 a hell-a lot nicer looking, but samsungs generally got the aesthetics side of the game rapped up. Roll-on new chief designer at Sony Ericsson.

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