Hands-on with Sony Ericsson C702 and C902

Hands-on with Sony Ericsson C702 and C902
We just got our hands on two of the latest Sony Ericsson phones, precisely the ones from the new C-series, which were announced at the Mobile World Congress 2008 in February. The camera-dedicated models of the manufacturer will now be positioned in this line and these two start it.

The first one is the candybar C702. It has an attractive youthful appearance, and its camera is 3.2-megapixel with dual LED flash and face detection feature, same as in the Samsung phones. On top of that, according to the manufacturer, the phone is dust and splash proofed, so one shouldn’t worry in the rain. That is also the second Sony Ericsson with a built-in GPS, which will be used for geo tagging of the photos taken, adding to them the precise coordinates, where they were snapped.

Sony Ericsson C702 Specifications

Its bigger brother, the C902, is a candybar as well, but it belongs to a higher class. The phone is quite slim, elegant and beautiful, has a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and the face detection feature, just like C702. Sony Ericsson calls that flash “PhotoLight” and claims that it gets better results than the Xenon one, which was seen in the previous models. The interesting thing here is the lid, covering the back and front cameras.

Sony Ericsson C902 Specifications

Expect our previews with more pictures and information soon!



1. jvillan unregistered

i wish verizon would get the c902!!!! i like this phone sooo much! makes me wonder if with the open handset policy would gsm phones work? let me knw!

2. George unregistered

I just wish Verizon would get Sony Ericsson Phones. They are all soo awsome.

3. unregistered

verizon will never get SE phones, they make phones for gsm exclusively

4. LK unregistered

Not true. SE makes CDMA phones...for Japan. I was going to get the C902, but I'm waiting for the P5.

5. verizon unregistered

you dumbass verizon will never get any sony ericcsson phones SE will not waist there time developing a CDMA phone verizon is a bullshit company tries to capitalize on crippling every feature on there phones but you got admire the hustle

6. unregistered

Now next comes the X1 Yay

7. bob unregistered

I wanna get the c902 or the Nokia N81. The p5i is gonna cost 5 times as much as an iphone(which i have now)

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