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Hands-on and unboxing of Sprint's Touch Diamond

Hands-on and unboxing of Sprint's Touch Diamond
Hands-on and unboxing of Sprint's Touch Diamond
Sprint has become the first US carrier to launch the Touch Diamond, and oh how pretty it is. The CDMA variant no doubt resembles the GSM original, but has received a curvy makeover resulting in a more refined look and better in-hand feel. The defining feature- the diamond faceted back- has been replaced with a controversial soft touch burgundy battery cover that some hate, but we're pretty fond of. It adds a few mm in thickness thanks to a beefed up 1350mAh battery (the original was only 900) but we'd argue that the overall feel is better on the CDMA variation. TouchFLO 3D is of course there and is smoother than ever, perhaps due to the processor bump to 528MHz and increase to 288MB RAM. Other features remain similar to the original; there is a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, accelerometer, Opera Mobile 9.5 and Wi-Fi. HSDPA cellular data has been replaced by EVDO Rev. A, and Sprint TV has been added to the device along with the Music Store for OTA downloads. All in all, we're already very impressed and can't wait to dive in further!

Look for our full CDMA Touch Diamond review shortly!

HTC Touch Diamond CDMA Specifications (Sprint)

Hands-on and unboxing of Sprint's Touch Diamond
Hands-on and unboxing of Sprint's Touch Diamond
Hands-on and unboxing of Sprint's Touch Diamond
Hands-on and unboxing of Sprint's Touch Diamond

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

I Like the Original Back Better!!! Now it should be called the HTC BURGUNDY

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 13:20

2. (unregistered)

Agree with you. May be we can request a name change here

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 13:39

4. Defiantbeast (unregistered)

Im sure once the phone has been out for a few weeks, several different back will be available. I myself like the flat back as ive read many people complaining that the phone wont lay flat on a table as well as the back becoming worn and faded after a few weeks

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 19:06

10. (unregistered)

i agree to i loved the back of the GSM. But i still think im going to get it.

posted on 30 Sep 2008, 08:56

19. (unregistered)

The gsm variant is nice, however dont knock the red till you have see i in person its very sharp. Plus if you dont like sprints red, wait to see what color vzw gets...

posted on 30 Sep 2008, 08:58

20. (unregistered)

seen it* i cant type today...

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 13:32

3. Defintbeast (unregistered)

Good buy tmobile.... Hello Sprint

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 20:21

16. (unregistered)

How about just goodbye tmobile and Sprint, sprint is going under cause they can never make enough, and they fire CEOs left and right.

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 20:58

17. (unregistered)

how about goodbye verizon and att data cards, with wimax rolling out... half the price for twice the speed... i think thatll help cover "making enough" money for the future... you fanboys make me sick...

posted on 30 Sep 2008, 07:38

18. (unregistered)

sprint aint going no where i work for sprint i myself activated atleast 600 instincts since june by myself. turning around next quarter.

posted on 30 Sep 2008, 18:16

22. (unregistered)

oh please.. WiMax?? you mean like their partner Clearwire that can't even get it to work while in a car or train? (check engagdet)Yeah, sounds great!! Nevermind the fact that WiMax has almost zero coverage, works terrible without LOS, oh and is slower than 7.2 HSDPA. They should work on sticking with EvDo or moving to LTE like everyone else.. Sprint is spiraling with just the bottom speeding towards them

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 15:05

5. (unregistered)

Own a couple of Sprint dealers and had mine direct shipped last week! What a piece of technological goodness (other than WinMo)! It is @#$%^& awesome and even WinMo can't ruin this beautiful beast.

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 15:14

6. (unregistered)

screw this phone...the iphone is the greatest invention EVER!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 16:16

9. (unregistered)

yeah, because crashing, freezing, no removeable battery, no copy and paste, improper data speeds, no audio turn-by-turn, no live tv, and no open source.... thats the definition of "greatest invention ever".... the diamond is the exact opposite... try again you insane apple fanboy...

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 19:07

11. (unregistered)

lol. lov da comment and agree 1000%

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 15:29

7. la verga enmascarada (unregistered)

wah u hay? had mine for two weekes or more and i dont even "own a couple Sprint dealers"

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 16:06

8. (unregistered)

yeah...learn proper english and try to stay in school.

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 19:08

12. (unregistered)

It's obvious there are no schools where he/she is from.

posted on 30 Sep 2008, 15:23

21. (unregistered)

Apparently not in ghettos-ville

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 19:11

13. (unregistered)

Does anyone know if you can activate this phone on any Sprint plan or will you have to change. I am eligible for an upgrade i just finished my 2 year contract in June. I tried to get the Samsung Instinct and they said i have to switch to the Everything Plan. Will The Diamond be the same? Please Help!!!

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 19:43

14. BigRed83 (Posts: 144; Member since: 19 May 2008)

Call *2

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 19:48

15. (unregistered)

You can have any plan with this phone, but in order to get the $100 mail-in rebate, you need to have either a data plan for $25.00, or be on an everything plan.... otherwise, no mail-in rebate... but i HIGHLY recommend having some form of a data plan, because this phone is KICK @$$!!!!

posted on 21 Oct 2008, 15:39

23. (unregistered)

Sprint is cool.. Actually all the providers are.. I really like this phone. Not the iphone killer in my opinion but maybe the Blackberry storm will be. Verizon struck gold with that one. Hopefully they can meet Rims quota of units sold.

posted on 21 Oct 2008, 15:45

24. (unregistered)

Why do people think Sprint or T-mobile are going down? They are Multi Billion $ companies! There are way to many RICH PEOPLE that won't let it go down.. WHY?? Becuase they wanna keep bringing in the BIG BUCKS! Don't that make sense??

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