Half of mobile gaming occurs on an iOS device

Half of mobile gaming occurs on an iOS device
An International Gamers Survey from NewZoo revealed some interesting information about the portable gaming market. The survey showed that there are 41 million Nintendo DS and DSi gamers, and 40.1 million iOS gamers. That means that Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices nearly match the gamer-base of Nintendo's DS and DSi. Also, Apple captured over 19% of portable game software revenue in 2009, up from 5% in 2008.

Apple's 40.1 million gamers eclipse the 19 million gamers on Sony's PSP. This might explain some of Sony's pejorative ads about iOS if they are really struggling for a demographic that should be theirs. If Apple is offering games as sideline apps to their devices' other functionality, it should be insulting that they are eclipsing the purpose-built PSP.

It's important to note that there was significant overlap between Apple and Nintendo, with 14 million gamers using both brands' devices. It makes sense that someone who had a Nintendo would also choose a phone or music player with gaming in mind. Another important consideration is that iOS gaming is incidental to owning one of the devices. This sounds very obvious, but it means that in a survey, anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch might have at least tried a game, but a consumer would have to seek out dedicated devices like the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP.

iOS's gaming prowess is no surprise to Apple, which created the Game Center to give a social hub of leaderboards and achievements, much like dedicated devices. They also hired a new games editor to the App Store in April. At the expense of sounding like Chicken Little, it seems difficult for anyone to stand up to the Apple machine. Where's the Google Android-esque 'white knight' for gamers?

source: NewZoo via AppleInsider



1. DonkeyPunched

Posts: 321; Member since: Jan 10, 2010

That kinda sounds about right. I found that I use apps more than I would on a portable gaming system. That might just be me, but clearly, other people are doing the same thing. It's crazy how they can produce really good games on it. I wish my Android Epic had a selection other than Asphalt...

4. aremis79 unregistered

Actually, if you go to Gameloft.com on your Epic, it redirects you to a page of games dedicated to the epic by Gameloft. A HD Assassin's Creed, Dungeon Hunter HD, and a few others. You can download them and try them for free and purchase if you like the game. You won't find them on the Market, so you will need to make sure you enable the ability to install apps from unknown sources on your device.

7. DonkeyPunched

Posts: 321; Member since: Jan 10, 2010

Oh shit! Legit! Why aren't they found on the market though? I hope they have more from other companies as well. I kinda have most of them on my iPad because most went down to a dollar after being on Apple's store for so long. But anyways, thanks for the tip man.

2. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Real gamers play emulator games on Android and plus playing those games on a tiny 3.5" display is sad.

8. Schmao

Posts: 365; Member since: Jul 05, 2009

Since when is a 3.5" screen small.

3. zerovampire311

Posts: 42; Member since: Jun 22, 2009

Sony could stand a fighting chance if they'd integrate a current gen gaming handheld with a cell phone in my opinion. Not some piece of garbage like the N-Gage, but make it functional with their flagship model! If a PSP could make calls and text, you'd see a hell of a lot more of them! It's difficult to make a device with a design favorable for use as a phone and a gaming device, but that's what it's gonna take to succeed in todays market.

5. theBankRobber unregistered

Well this is just stupid, the only reason it has that many is the fact that 90% of iPhone owners get bored and want something to pass the time, aka Games. More poeple are going to play games on there phones (any phone) becuase they bought there phone to use it as a phone, why not play a few games on a very important purchase. Now dsi and PSP are for real gamers. Real Gamers. You can't get Quality games on any phone like you could with the DS or PSP. They are cheap and mostly free, so of course more phone owners are going to play games on there device.

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