HTC isn't budging just yet to get into the tablet market

HTC isn't budging just yet to get into the tablet market
One of the biggest businesses expected to witness a dramatic growth in the next few years is the tablet market – even more so with some impressive sales figures put out by Apple's iPad. With its launch, we saw how a product is required to be compelling in all aspects in order to prove successful on a global basis. There have been a rash of tablets created in the wake of the iPad's success, but Taiwan based manufacturer HTC isn't all that ready to jump into this fledgling market just yet.

Although they weren't an overnight success, it took many years before HTC finally hit it big to become a powerhouse smartphone maker that continues to impress consumers around the world with their bevy of innovative and impressive offerings. According to HTC's global PR and online community manager, Eric Lin, they [HTC] are not yet committed in jumping aboard the tablet wagon just yet. He said, “We are always looking at it, but, right now, the whole idea is that in order to be successful with a tablet, you need to have something compelling. And not just a compelling form factor.”

It would seem like the manufacturer will wait out the initial tide of Android powered tablets before we see them even show an inkling of getting into the market of crafting their own unique and compelling offering. Lin went on to say, “You’ve seen how, at Computex, there were 80 different Android tablets", he continued. "So if we just release an Android tablet, then we’re one of 81… Whereas, if we have a compelling feature, a really compelling use, anything like that, then it’ll help us to stand out. It’s going to take a lot of work searching for that.”

source: pocket-lint
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