HTC executive says U.S. HTC One owners with a carrier branded unit will have to wait for Android 4.3

HTC executive says U.S. HTC One owners with a carrier branded unit will have to wait for Android 4.3
The other day, HTC America President Jason Mackenzie correctly forecast that those totin' the HTC One Developer Edition would start receiving Android 4.3. At the time, he sent out a series of continuous tweets that noted that the carrier-branded version of HTC's flagship Android model still needed the mobile operators to certify the Android 4.3 update before it could be released. And he said that he would have some news to report soon.

Well, the news is out but it is not good for carrier-branded HTC One owners in the U.S. MacKenzie's latest tweet says that the Android 4.3 update for those models will come after the original September 30th deadline. And if you look at the August 17th tweet by the President of HTC America, you will see that he tweets that the HTC DROID DNA will be getting the Android 4.3 update. Last week, we told you that it now appears as though that handset will be updated to Android 4.2.2 instead.

It's all indicative of the problems that HTC has suffered with lately which led to Friday's announcement that HTC was selling its remaining stake in Beats back to the company for $265 million. In the meantime, those in the U.S. with a carrier branded HTC One will have to do what they do best which is sit and be patient until the Android 4.3 update is ready for them.

source: @JasonMacHTC via AndroidCentral

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1. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

Is anyone surprised by this? Has To Change has never kept up on updating their devices properly and in a timely fashion!

3. Napalm_3nema

Posts: 2236; Member since: Jun 14, 2013

How is this HTC's fault? 4.3 is out, but the carriers are testing it. HTC can't control that.

4. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

Keep telling yourself that. HTC has a terrible track record for updating its devices.

5. kozza3

Posts: 778; Member since: Oct 17, 2012

except you are wrong in this case, HTC clearly released the update, now its on the carriers to approve and push the update out. DUH

17. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

Actually HTC gave a date and now they're backtracking. That only looks bad for one company.....HTC! The carriers won't get any backlash from this but HTC definitely will.

21. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

They said in the story that the update is awaiting carrier certification. That means that they gave the update to the carriers for testing. I'm on Verizon, and I'm sure customers on here will be the last to get the update, because they test the everloving s##t out of it. And that's the way it's always been. Unless you go Nexus or unlocked, you're at the carrier's mercy for updates. So the only people who should be blaming HTC for this are those with absolutley no understanding of how updates work.


Posts: 36; Member since: Apr 01, 2009

dude are you really that dumb? i mean lol come on. #jealous

6. suavemezie

Posts: 96; Member since: Jun 21, 2012

i bought an unlocked HTC One, i've updated. Eat your heart out

22. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

Me too. The odd thing is that the unlocked One runs on AT&T - no differently than the AT&T-branded One. Yet the AT&T-branded One is waiting for the 4.3 love.

12. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

You're wrong in this case. HTC has obviously released the update to the carriers, it's on them now to see when the carrier branded Ones will get the update. HTC is the first manufacturer to update a device to 4.3 excluding Nexus and Google Play devices, and at only 2 months after release, it is a great accomplishment.

23. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

" is a great accomplishment." True that. And props to HTC for making the effort.

25. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

Let's just hope they can keep it up. If they keep it at this pace, we should see a 4.4 update for the international One by late January/early February (assuming it will be released in October).

33. giani

Posts: 269; Member since: Nov 13, 2012

I'm not taking any sides here...But correct me if I'm wrong..isn't the HTC One (dev edition and some international editions) the first device to actually receive the 4.3 update ? Am I missing something ? Oh and the fact that an high exec from a manufacturer actually goes as far as keeping people updated on what's happening not a GOOD thing ?! People seriously...

2. silencer271

Posts: 254; Member since: Apr 05, 2013

No shock.

7. dspkblympkbl

Posts: 52; Member since: May 23, 2013

Is it an all or nothing thing with all the carriers? Can't they release it independently of each other...I would think att and tmo would release 4.3 faster than vzw and sprint, but the CDMA excuse does not really apply anymore, does it?

15. Napalm_3nema

Posts: 2236; Member since: Jun 14, 2013

It's not all or nothing, but the carriers have limited staffs, and especially right now, they are overloaded testing all the new devices hitting the market. Something has to give. Does the iPhone 5s/5c or Note 3 get delayed, or does an update to a phone they have already sold get tested? It sucks, but it is what it is.

8. Mr.Mr.Upgrade

Posts: 474; Member since: Aug 30, 2011

See this is a major problem with android, pointless with 4.4 bout to come out most phones haven't even seen 4.2.2. My Verizon galaxy nexus is still on 4.2.2 ...I'm pissed

9. Troysyx

Posts: 181; Member since: Jul 30, 2012

This is exactly why i buy unlocked phones and not carrier branded ones. U.S carriers are horrible at approving updates. Everyone, do yourself a favor, before you complain about the maker of your phone, buy an unlocked version and see the beauty of no carrier involvement :-) .

10. dorianb

Posts: 617; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

It's the carriers & HTC fault. HTC for throwing out a date without taking to account if the update failed carrier certification. Carriers fault for having such over the top jacked upped & overly lengthy testing to begin with. I don't hear of Unlocked/International phones ever corrupting a network.

11. Fuego84

Posts: 357; Member since: May 13, 2012

Let's show them what we want by letting our dollars do the talking let's start purchasing unlocked smartphone or nexus smartphones rather than carrier branded smartphones.

13. imkyle

Posts: 1116; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

Started out good and then crashed.... sad.

14. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

How is this news? I though this was already expected? I don't think there has ever been a single carrier branded Android device that got an update at the same time as it's unlocked relative. Why is this a surprise to anyone?

16. TattooedMailman

Posts: 13; Member since: Mar 31, 2013

This is why I will never buy HTC again. I got the Thunderbolt because it was the first 4g phone, got the DNA because it was the first on VZW with 1080p. Those phones were extremely slow with updates. I remember laughing hysterically when I saw that the thunderbolt was receiving an update to a newer OS a couple of months ago. I learned my lesson though, switching to Tmobile in a week. Already have the Nexus 4 waiting to be activated.

18. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

Your problem is with Verizon then, not HTC. The Thunderbolt was the only one out of the few first gen LTE devices to get 4.0 (unlike the Droid Charge), even though it was MAJORLY delayed, it still got it. Also, the DNA is still getting updated, the update to 4.3 for the DNA will hit consumers about the same time as for the Verizon One, it's just Verizon who is delaying it. The HTC Butterfly, the international version of the DNA, has already gotten 4.2 with Sense 5, and will get 4.3 very soon. HTC has done all they can with their updates, it's on the carriers now to test and release them.

20. Topcat488

Posts: 1419; Member since: Sep 29, 2012

I sure hate to burst your bubble, but the HTC DNA, will NOT be getting 4.3 Jellybean.

24. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

I hate to burst your bubble, but the list in your source isn't reliable in the slightest. You're telling me the DNA won't be getting 4.3, but the Desire HD and One VX will be getting 4.3 over the DNA and the One S? Even if the list was accurate and HTC is somehow giving 4.3 to the Desire HD, the list says the HTC Butterfly, the international variant of the DNA, is in fact getting 4.3, so you're wrong either way. Maybe you should thoroughly check the validity of your sources before posting them. Even if that list did come from a reputable source, mentioned in the article you are commenting in, is an official statement from an HTC executive saying the DNA will get 4.3 alongside the One on Verizon; it's the very first image in the article.

19. Eclectech

Posts: 355; Member since: May 01, 2013

Your argument is weak when you consider, in this case, HTC is the first manufacturer to update their phone to Android 4.3, outside of the Nexus and Google Edition phones. HTC even beat Google owned Motorola to the punch. Even if it takes the carriers 3 to 4 more weeks to test before releasing the update, the HTC One will still be rocking 4.3 before any other manufacturer.

26. papss unregistered

So if I buy a phone from att outright its unlocked correct? Unbranded?

29. michael95gt

Posts: 45; Member since: Jul 19, 2009

You can buy unlocked from HTC (Unlocked 64GB D.E.) for $668.00 shipped overnight, not much more than AT&T 32gb off contract. It's a no brainer.

30. HockeyDood

Posts: 80; Member since: May 14, 2010

Beyond disappointing to hear of this. I've had the HTC One for Sprint since the week it launched, even switching carriers to get it. Been on 4.1.2 since launch, and I honestly feel HTC is not doing what it should be and that is keeping their devices current with the OS. We're now 2 versions behind, and with KitKat's release not too far in the future one can only assume we won't get that until months after release. I've rooted in the past, but I like 4.3 on my tablet, and on my old Galaxy Nexus, and I would be perfectly fine using it on my One, if only it were actually available without rooting. I'll likely be avoiding HTC products moving forward because they simply can't keep their phones updated in a timely fashion.

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