HTC One X bursts into flames while charging, owner unhurt

What you see in the pictures below are the remains of an HTC One X – a smartphone was smoking hot... quite literally. It belonged to a guy in Taiwan who had the misfortune of his handset catching fire spontaneously while charging. The reasons that caused the accident are not yet known since the case is still being investigated by HTC. The good news is that the smartphone's owner was unhurt, but his HTC One X is definitely beyond repair.

This disturbing report comes just a couple of weeks after a man's Samsung Galaxy S4 burst into flames in Hong Kong, burning down his house and property. Before that, we wrote about a case in Switzerland where a teenage girl got injured after her Galaxy S III exploded. And earlier in July, an iPhone 5 electrocuted a woman in China, according to media reports. The root causes behind such accidents are often traced down to use of third-party batteries or unofficial chargers. 

What caused the untimely death of this HTC One X, however, remains to be found, although some One X owners suggest that a swollen battery might have lead to all this. We'll update you in case we learn more on the matter.

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