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HTC EVO Shift 4G is getting Gingerbread starting on June 20

HTC EVO Shift 4G is getting Gingerbread starting on June 20
Being one of the very first Android smartphones to launch domestically this year, the HTC EVO Shift 4G complemented Sprint’s lineup by offering a compact version of the EVO 4G with a sliding landscape keyboard.

Getting its time in the sun, handset owners are in more a surprise come Monday, June 20 – that’s because it’s getting Gingerbread on that day. Much like most things, the over-the-air update will be rolled out in various waves so that the process goes smoothly. However, if you simply can’t wait for that notification to pop up, you can always initiate that usual manual process yourself come June 20th. In addition to all the new stuff included with Gingerbread, the update will also pack along the Swype keyboard to give users an alternative way of inputting text.

With the date only a few days away from now, we’re sure that HTC EVO Shift 4G owners are going to be excited about its arrival – splashing more fun their way of course.

source: Sprint via Phonescoop

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