HTC EVO 3D is making the jump to 3D even easier at $49.99 on-contract

HTC EVO 3D is making the jump to 3D even easier at $49.99 on-contract
Since arriving back in the early portion of the summer, the HTC EVO 3D has ushered in a new era with smartphones as it became the first handset in the US to successfully showcase the laurels of 3D. Naturally, the handset has received its fair share of price jobs already, but now it’s moving yet to its lowest price point to date.

Over at Wirefly, the almighty HTC EVO 3D is selling for the tantalizing 2-year contract price of $49.99 to new customers – something that gets you one feature filled handset with plenty of dreamy specs. Meanwhile, upgrade customers can still pick up the handset for the respectable price of $99.99. Complementing its overall greatness is the fact that it boasts a glass-free 3D display and dual-cameras in the rear to capture photos and videos in 3D. Furthermore, standard FedEx shipping is included with the limited promotion as well.

Even though it’s unknown how long this pricing will last, we’re sure that it won’t be long before we see this one get down to that even more attractive price of free. With fall looming on the horizon and a slew of new devices expected to launch, that free pricing for the HTC EVO 3D might be imminent.

source: Wirefly via Unwired View

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