HTC Desire HD goes from computer system to photograph

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HTC Desire HD goes from computer system to photograph
A few days ago, we reported that Vodafone Germany's computer system was showing that the carrier had inventory of both the HTC Desire Z and the Desire HD. The "Z" appears to be similar to the Desire, but with a side sliding physical QWERTY keyboard. The HD, also known as the HTC Ace, appears to be the more interesting handset of the two with a one-piece, all aluminum casing, a 4.3 inch screen and an 8MP camera. The Desire HD is expected to launch with Android 2.2 on board and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood. Other features include 720p video recording, an e-book reader and 4GB of memory. The picture of the device (an engineering prototype of the Hong Kong edition) reveals a fairly thin and sleek black slab, that when combined with the high-end specs, produces a rather highly desirable device that is expected to launch this October in Europe.

source: UWants (translated) via Android-HK (translated), AndroidCentral



1. pesmoman unregistered

very nice looks like apple will be quaking in there boots

2. ilia1986 unregistered

Yet another Android 2.2\2.1 1GHz 5\8 MP with 3.7\4.3 HTC smartphone. Not saying this won't be awesome - but every week we see a new phone which matches the above specs. This is getting old. We already got the N1, Evo, Incredible, Droid X, Desire, X10, and the upcoming Droid 2. Do we really need one more?

3. Yes unregistered

yes we do! Europe has only Desire, Galaxy S, X10 in the high end market...

4. baruterukun unregistered

I agree with the comment above me... well ilia1986, YOU and other US residants have the Incredible, Droid X , upcmg Droid 2 and the most wanted EVO, BECAUSE THEY ALL WORK WITH THE GODDAMN CDMA NETWORK!! I WANT A GSM VERSION OF BOTH EVO AND DROID X if you have those devices that you described, then you don't need nothing "old" but me and many other people would like to own an evo or a droid x...fuck that sprint and verizon, selfish operators, i'm glad that the HTC will make hopefully the HTC Desire HD, that's all

5. ilia1986 unregistered

lol. I find the above comment especially amusing, since I live in Israel - a place where we as of this moment have none of the above-mentioned handsets. Our best Android smartphone here is the Motorola milestone. But if you wish to turn me into a US resident - who would I be to resist..

6. toorop unregistered

If I lived in such a country where the current smartphone were not available I would have died, I can tell you :D Looking all day at the gadget websites and seeing unreachable phones...this would be annoying!

7. cansler

Posts: 136; Member since: Oct 07, 2009

All these "high end" devices are simply raising the bar. Remember when HTC flooded the market with a gazillion Qualcom 540MHz phones? it brought the prices down a bit. Plus you know they have a buttload of these snapdragon chips laying around that they need to do something with. Besides, I never got my Desire for AT&T that was promised. Now you wanna shoot down my chance at a Desire HD? I say nay to you... NAY, I say! Choice is good...

8. cansler

Posts: 136; Member since: Oct 07, 2009

Looks like I'll go with a Streak for $240 on contract. Just don't want to pay the mandatory data charges on my 73 year old father's line to do it. He won't be using it. But he might go ahead and get the light text and data plan as I just gave him my HTC Pure (Touch Diamond 2) and now he wants to text me and check his stocks and text me about his stocks and text his stock broker...

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