HTC DROID DNA enters the phablet fray, does it stand a chance against the Galaxy Note II?

HTC DROID DNA enters the phablet fray, does it stand a chance against the Galaxy Note II?
So here it is, finally, the HTC DROID DNA! A brand new "phablet" for all the diehard gadget-lovers out there who just can't get enough screen. Immediately after the introduction, though, one crucial question comes to our mind; a question that has to do with this device's ultimate rival - the Galaxy Note II.

And here's how it goes: With the Samsung Galaxy Note II coming to Verizon Wireless about a week after the HTC DROID DNA, is it possible for HTC's handset to out-do the 5.5" sensation? The original Galaxy Note proved to be a surprising success, and by the looks of it, the momentum of the series is by no means gone. Specs-wise, the DROID DNA is very competitive, and while the screen comes a bit smaller, its 5" size is still considered ultra-large, but also easier to handle than the Samsung.

One very big advantage of the HTC DROID DNA compared to the Galaxy Note II is the price. While Verizon is bringing the Note II at the super-premium price of $299 with a two-year contract, the DROID DNA will be priced much more reasonably at $199 with contract. That, along with its slightly more compact size may just be enough to make a large number of users gravitate to the DNA. But the question is, wouldn't Samsung's brand-recognition have a very strong opposite effect?

It's your turn to voice your opinion now. Just go ahead and give your vote for whichever handset you think will be better!

Can the HTC DROID DNA deal with the Galaxy Note II?

Yes, the DROID DNA can do it!
No, the Galaxy Note II is the ultimate phablet.

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