HP's Palm serious about webOS, hiring aggressively

HP's Palm serious about webOS, hiring aggressively
Sunnyvale, CA is a great place to be in the winter and with Palm's recent hiring campaign you might have a great chance to end up there if you have some impressive development skills. What this goes to say about Palm and webOS, however, is that Jon Rubinstein was dead serious when he said he wanted to see the OS win the battle for the third place in the mobile world.

The ads are mostly for Linux, driver and tool developers, but also email sync and security specialists. Key positions are also open as the company was looking for someone to oversee and inspire top strategic webOS developers. We find webOS to be a slightly under-appreciated mobile OS with great functionality and very promising looks and ideas. But it has a number of issues mainly in security, as recent research showed, so it is good to see that Palm is working on fixing those.

Fresh blood for Palm could be what the company needs to overcome Windows Phone 7, but one of the most influential factors remains the developer base. Only time will tell how will this go, but in the meantime feel free to take a look at our jobs page, where you can also find ads by Palm and other leading companies.

source: Palm via PreCentral

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