HPSTR is an Android live wallpaper app whose cool effects animate as you scroll

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Developer: HPSTRDownload: Android
Category: Wallpaper appsPrice: Free / Paid

We know you like pretty wallpapers! And the only thing that's able to make a nice background even nicer is adding some lively animations to it! It eats the battery, but it warms the heart, no?

If that's your line of thinking too, we are delighted to show you HPSTR live wallpaper. Don't worry, it won't make your smartphone grow a moustache and start spewing out ironic error messages. The app is about sourcing wallpapers in real-time from the 500x, Reddit, and Unsplash communities, and applying various shapes and filters to them as you scroll through your Android homescreens. The app's free version applies said effects randomly, but the Pro variant gives you the freedom to choose your own.

Other things you can do with HPSTR? There's a refresh icon somewhere in there - hit it to instantly get a new random photo wallpaper. Use the Settings menu to disable the filtered shape overlay. Engage and disengage the parental lock from the "enable adult categories" checkbox. Share images with your friends. Need anything more? Hey, it's a wallpaper app, not the Giver of All!

HPSTR is a free Android app.


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