HP to launch new mid-range Windows 10 Mobile smartphone


Although Windows 10 Mobile market share dropped below 1%, Microsoft will continue to support the platform and all those companies willing to launch new products powered by its mobile platform.

One of Microsoft's partners, HP is rumored to launch another Windows 10 Mobile handset in the coming months. After bringing Windows Phone fans the Elite x3, we reported less than two weeks ago that HP want to release a more consumer-focused phone next year.

Well, it looks like HP considers the upcoming smartphone a mid-range device rather than a high-end product. Rumor has it the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 600 series processor, which is much lower than HP's Elite x3 that packs a top-of-the-line CPU.

Despite the fact that it will come with a mid-range processor inside, the HP smartphone will feature support for Continuum and the Desk Dock that the company is now selling along with the Elite x3.

It remains to be seen if HP will price its middle class smartphone accordingly, otherwise there's a high chance that many loyal fans will prefer a high-range handset powered by a different mobile platform.

Still, considering that Windows Phone is more of a business-oriented platform, demand for a mid-range smartphone could be high enough to justify HP's investment. The smartphone is expected to be announced next year, though it's still unclear when exactly that will happen.

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