HP to add iTunes-like media store for webOS users

HP to add iTunes-like media store for webOS users
HP recently launched a TouchPad sign-up page for users to learn more about the upcoming tablet. But we've now learned that the subscribers are getting more than mere pre-launch press releases. One PreCentral reader received a Powerpoint presentation with exciting information on webOS improvements.

In the Powerpoint document, HP talks about the HP Music Store, and the HP Movie Store. Between the mockup and discussion points, we know that HP's webOS media stores could rival Apple's iTunes.

The discussion slide says that the TouchPad will come with a syncing solution that uses cloud servers to back up your precious music. But that's not even the best part. It will also include a so-called "smart algorithm" to assess your listening habits, and correspondingly cache web-stored music on your device.

The same document indicates that the service will become available for other HP smartphones, presumably when they're upgraded to webOS 3.0. We were all a little skeptical of the HP/Palm combination, but the media stores bode very well for their future market share.

source: PreCentral

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