HP TouchPad launches straight to the number one spot on Amazon's bestselling list

HP TouchPad launches straight to the number one spot on Amazon's bestselling list
With just about every major retailer cutting the price of the HP TouchPad to the impressive price of $99, there’s no arguing that it’s going to be one head turner for just about anyone. Of course, you’re pretty much relying on good old fashion luck if you’re attempting to stroll into a local store thinking that the TouchPad is going to be readily available for the taking, but for the people who managed to get in on Amazon’s deal yesterday, they aided the webOS tablet in achieving something considered unfeasible a couple weeks back.

Literally overnight, the HP TouchPad went from being the unknown tablet on Amazon to jumping straight to number one on their bestselling list – ousting the Kindle during the process. Not surprisingly, HP’s tablet is occupying the number one and two spots respectively with the 16GB naturally edging out the 32GB one.

Granted that the TouchPad didn’t quite live up to the expectations of HP, at least it can go out with the satisfaction that it managed to beat out things like the Kindle and iPod touch on Amazon’s list. However, we’re sure that this isn’t going to be the only list that we’ll be seeing the TouchPad gracing the number one spot.

Regardless, we’re curious to find out how sales for the TouchPad this week stack up against the competition – like the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Needless to say, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to find the TouchPad beating them all this week.

source: Amazon via PreCentral

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