HDR streaming for your phone to cost more, as Netflix raises subscription plan prices


With $5 billion in current debt, and $6 billion to be spent on original programming this year, it was bound to happen sooner or later - Netflix raising its subscription plan prices, that is. Yes, that also includes the plan that lets you stream 4K HDR content to your flashy iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, Note 8LG V30, Xperia XZ Premium, or any other phone certified by the streaming giant as having a display that can show those wide color movies and TV series in full bloom.

The top-tier plan that lets you stream 4K UltraHD definition movies shot in the HDR10 or Dolby Vision wide color gamut standards to four devices will get a two bucks bump from $11.99 to $13.99, while the standard HD two-screen tier gets the two-dollar treatment, too, from $9.99 to $10.99. The basic plan which streams in SD to one device at a time, be it a laptop, tablet, phone or TV, remains unchanged at $7.99.  

Netflix said it will email subscribers about the changes during the billing cycle that starts October 19th, but even at the highest Premium plan for $13.99, Netflix still comes cheaper than HBO Now, or than Hulu at the standard HD plan. What's two dollars between you and the next season of Stranger Things or House of Cards, after all. Next year, the streamer will be spending $7 billion on original programming, so Netflix is only bound to become more time-wasting chill. As a reminder, above are all the current mobile devices in the Netflix HDR streaming roster.

source: Mashable

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