Google's super-smart Assistant lands on the iPhone!


Google I/O's opening keynote is ongoing and we have just gotten some exciting news about Google Assistant. Naturally, Google has been improving the AI over the past year, making it more context-oriented and more conversational, so that the user can naturally interact with it. Now, a large group of users, previously barred from using the Assistant will get access to it.

It is now available for iOS! You can talk to it through the Google app, but for a complete Assistant experience, you can download its dedicated app. In the latter, you can not only speak to the assistant, but also use the keyboard for a more discrete way of inputting requests. The app itself is designed around controlling your smart home and IoT stuff, and carries an integration with Google Home, of course.

Keep in mind that iOS is still a pretty locked operating system. You won't be able to activate the Assistant from outside the app — Siri is still the one that dominates that feature. The only way to interact with the Google Assistant is with your phone awake and the Google app open.

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