Running low on storage? The Google Play Store wants to help

Running low on device storage? Google's newest Play Store feature is here for you
Тhe rage-provoking "You're running low on storage space" 

We've all been there – you are chilling at home, browsing through the Play Store and you see a cool game you've heard about. You want to play it so badly that you press the download button without checking if you've got any more precious storage. Then the unthinkable happens. You see the worst message one can see in such a moment: "Not enough space". You clench teeth for a brief moment and proceed to freeing up storage manually.

Worry no more though, as Google has implemented a new feature in one of its most recent Play Store updates to prevent situations like the one above from ever happening again.It lets you react before facing the truth of not having any free space, just as you're running low on storage, and gives you a prompt. Decide you press it, you'll be lead to a screen on which installed apps are shown, sorted by usage frequency. From there on, you can remove multiple apps, instead of uninstalling them one by one. "Free up space" can be accessed from the "Updates" tab in the "My apps and games" page, as seen on the pictures below.

This feature could be taken as an upgrade to the already existing app-removal option the Play Store had. The older iteration hinted you were lacking storage, but it only did just as you began installing any bigger app, for example the game you so desired from the first paragraph.

There's another feature included in this most recent Play Store update, called "Subscriptions". You might ask, with a name so "mysterious", what does this feature try to accomplish? Well, it shows all of your subscriptions to apps, TV shows and such in one neat little tab, located right under "My apps and games". This way you don't have to scratch your head, wondering what you are subscribed to, and when does it renew. Keep in mind this feature is only available to some users, while others will have to wait a little bit before they can put their hands on it. On the picture to the right you can see how the new tab will look like.

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