Google+ updated to expand Hangouts audience

Google+ updated to expand Hangouts audience
As we've always said, Hangouts is the killer feature of Google+ (as a singular product of course, not counting all of the integration G+ brings throughout the Googleverse), and now get ready because teenagers will be able to join Hangouts from mobile. Because, Google+ Hangouts needed to be more like Xbox Live, right? Maybe it won't be so bad. Teens can be pretty cool people when they aren't epitomizing the worst that the Internet has to offer. 

Anyway, Google+ has been updated on both iOS and Android, and in addition to allowing teens to create or join Hangouts from mobile devices, the update also allows all mobile users to join Hangouts on Air, which are Hangouts that are being broadcast publicly. 

The rest of the app gets a few small changes, but nothing major. There will now be floating timestamps on pictures in photo view, and the ability to report abuse in Events. One small, but really nice change on Android is the addition of shortcuts to more quickly post to G+ from your home screen. 

If you want to grab the updated G+ app, it's free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

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