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Google sends shipping notices to Canadians for Google Nexus 7 tablets

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Google sends shipping notices to Canadians for Google Nexus 7 tablets
Google has sent out shipping notices to some Canadians who pre-ordered the Google Nexus 7
Those Canadians who had pre-ordered the Google Nexus 7 tablet as far back as late June must have felt their face turning red when it appeared that stores in the country started to sell their inventory of the tablet during the weekend, with many selling out. The problem, of course, is those who had committed their funds earlier than others were watching as those late to the ordering process were receiving their tablet first. We'll be the first to say that this isn't fair, but it also is not a perfect world either.

Perhaps to appease the complaining Canadians, Google sent out some shipping confirms to some of those who had pre-ordered the tablet. The notice includes a tracking number (which may take 24 hours to find your package with) and the order date. The most important info was spotted on Google's support forum which said that all U.S. and Australian orders will ship on Tuesday (July 17th) while U.K. and Canadian orders are being shipped in waves. That's the word from Google about their pre-orders. If you ordered from a carrier or a retailer, your experience will be different.

source: Google via MobileSyrup

The Google Nexus 7 ships to the U.S. and Australia on Tuesday

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