Google re-brands its various stores as Google Play

Google re-brands its various stores as Google Play
We had been hearing the name Google Play for the past few days or so. Some had thought it was going to be the name of the upcoming Nexus tablet, but it turns out Google's plans for the name are a bit less interesting. The name is really just the re-branding of Google's various stores under the name Google Play, since all of the content could already be found in the same integrated store already. 

The services themselves don't seem to be changing at all, it's really more of a destination change to make it easier for users to find the Google media stores rather than having to go through other products. This means that your old bookmarks for the Android Market Web store will automatically be routed to the new Google Play address, although the Market itself still looks the same with sections for Apps, Music, Books, and Video. Similarly, the Google Music website has been pulled under the Play subdomain. The changes should be rolling out to Android 2.2+ devices "over the coming days". 

As part of the re-branding, Google is also offering a new album, book, video, and Android app at a special price for each of the next 7 days. Today's deals include Android game Where's My Water, the ebook of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a rental of the movie Puncture, and the That's What I Call Music #41 full album, each is only 25 cents. 



1. cepcamba

Posts: 717; Member since: Feb 27, 2012

Bummer. Good thing they didn't name the new device Google Play though, sounds lame :p

2. Cwebb

Posts: 501; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

Did you say another Android Market sale? Those are awesome! And Apple will never do it b/c they don't give a s*** about their customers after they bought the iPos

3. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

i hate it. my apps updated today with this lameness. bring back the Market!

5. MichaelHeller

Posts: 2734; Member since: May 26, 2011

Nothing changed so far except the name of the stores and the logo of Google Music. Is it really worth calling for the old Market to come back?

6. cepcamba

Posts: 717; Member since: Feb 27, 2012

Change, whether good or bad, will always be met with resistance.

7. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

yes, the name change is too radical. the Market needed that familiarity that it was really only starting to solidify in the world. people look for availability in the Android Market, not Google Play. even the name sounds bad and barely makes any sense. it sounds like something Sony would come up with.

9. MichaelHeller

Posts: 2734; Member since: May 26, 2011

So, it makes more sense to have all music, books and video in the Android Market, even though none of those things are exclusive to Android, than it is to have all media under the name Play? Sure, the name is a bit silly, and definitely something Sony would come up with, but having everything under one name makes sense. Far more sense than having all apps, books, and video in something called iTunes.

12. kshell1

Posts: 1143; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

i like how MichaelHeller said it looks like something Sony would come up with, but Google Play does make sense considering the fact alot of people play their music or play their games or play their movies etc etc

14. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

...i said that. -.-

17. MichaelHeller

Posts: 2734; Member since: May 26, 2011

Credit where it's due, I was just agreeing with KingKurogiii about the name sounding like a Sony product.

13. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

actually yes it does. you can even look at the history of Google's name to understand what i'm saying here. they decided on the name "Google" because it doesn't mean anything and it was unlikely that the name would infringe on anyone's intellectual property. Google is a household name now. not everything in the Market is Media. i don't "Play" a Book, i don't "Play" an App and in all frankness the Play branding will not be taken seriously. people are used to saying "well you can get it on the Market." or "available now in the Android Market!" and now people are going to be like "yeah, it's in the Mark..Play...Store. eh"

16. MichaelHeller

Posts: 2734; Member since: May 26, 2011

I would have preferred the name be simply the Google Market. That said, you do "Play" some apps, they're just called games though.

19. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

Games are Games. :P Google Market would've been fine, not better but it would've been better than Play.

33. Stuticus

Posts: 26; Member since: Feb 05, 2012

I'm seeing this article a bit late but.. A googol is a 1 with 100 'Zero's behind it. Obviously Google is spelled differently but thats still the idea.

22. ZEUS.the.thunder.god unregistered


31. godspeed

Posts: 4; Member since: Dec 22, 2011

Hey, actually KingKurogii is right. It makes no sense. Android Market mad sense, because it was a store for Android. Therefore its right to call it "Android Store" or "Android Market". On a market you can buy anything, it is not limited. So Android Market would have been the perfect name for a store where you can get apps, games, music, books and videos for you Android phone. Now its called "play" and you can not "play" most of the apps and you can not "play" a book. It is just silly. And Google Play is far away from sounding like a store, where you can buy stuff. In addition we are used to self-explaining names like googlemail, google maps, google docs etc. Being use to that I would think that Google Play is a website offering trashy flash agmes, that are played by bored employees.... A mess

25. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

I'll just cough this up here

26. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

yeah, i've already read it. my point still stands.

27. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

about the Books... you can play interactive books (future proof :P) and apps play on the davic virtual machine (:P :P) name is just trying to run away from being android exclusive, also they can said "Play on android" when they want to talk about some android (aka Available for android) they can come with new 'meanings' we get used to. for 'non playable content' I can see them saying something on the lines of 'play on android' and 'play everywhere' don't worry will find cool workarounds for the names :D also the name is not playing dumb, Google is also trying to use it to advertise they Sell playable content. is important to them because both Google music and the videos aren't doing as well as they wish. so play gives the user a lead to search for things that can be played Edit: also the name play store is not that bad I think

28. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

nice try but say you're playing an interactive book or you're playing an App without feeling silly...yeah. :P :P :P if they thought the name was what was wrong then they were terribly mistaken. they're destroying a great brand here. they crossed a line so now where will they stop? will they rebrand Android too?

29. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

I don't think Android will be rebranded, it's not the first time a company does that and gets away with it (windows mobile to windows phone, blackberry os to BBX) all those Android market will remain solid regardless of the new name (and people will just call it market or play market ) Android market is not something additional but rather a default service. So if in one hand I can have the Android market name and have a small number sales for media. And on the other hand I can turn my store into a media center that happens to also sell Android apps. I'll also think about the branding. Yeah the name is not the best, but it shows their interest in boosting every aspect of the store Google is currently weak at. It won't cause a dent on Android market awareness and opens the possibility of selling new content in a better way. I recommend you say the name a few times in front of a mirror while making creepy smiles, it helped me get better used to it

4. rhinoceros

Posts: 33; Member since: Mar 01, 2012

Apple and Sale?!? You have the glory and honor of owning the most overrated piece of hardware in the history of man... You will pay for everything and Apple owners must justify this with the delusion they own the best product

8. redrooster13

Posts: 110; Member since: Feb 20, 2012

The name change is a stupid move in my opinion. Lots of people (especially less technologically advanced folk) are going to have a hard time figuring out what happened to the market. You don't "Play" a book.

10. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

before the change it felt like a very developed and uniformed brand that was a testimony to Google's hard work ever since they aquired Android and now it feels completely alien. Google needs to work on making what they have that is familiar better instead of starting over completely with a new brand identity just to keep up with the times. Apple has never once had to rebrand anything to score points in popularity, in fact it was just the opposite. they built up their brand until it's become the most familiar, household name probably in history.

15. tward291

Posts: 559; Member since: Feb 14, 2012

thats true and thats why there products fly off the shelves because the average person goes with what they know.

11. tward291

Posts: 559; Member since: Feb 14, 2012

good move makes me feel all nice inside

18. Bluesky02

Posts: 1439; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

Google Store would sound better

20. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

Apple would lay boiled eggs if they did that.

21. haikallp

Posts: 319; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

I like the idea of an integrated store for books, music, videos and apps but the name, Google Play is just awful..sounds very childish in my opinion. Google Market would be a better name.

23. shamataa

Posts: 257; Member since: Dec 07, 2011

Looks so nice!

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