Google+ killer feature hits iOS

Google+ killer feature hits iOS
Google+ has some pretty solid benefits that any hardcore user will tell you about including, Hangouts and the circling system, but undoubtedly anyone using the mobile version will only talk about one killer feature: Instant Upload. Now, that feature has finally made its way to iOS as well. 

Instant Upload, for those who may not know yet, is probably the best feature available for casual Google+ users, because you can get value from it even if you don't really use Google+. What it does is automatically upload every picture you take on your device to your Google Photos (aka Picasa Web Albums) account in a private album. From there, you can sort out those photos into proper albums, or easily share a few over Google+. It makes it extremely easy to add photos to your G+ posts, but it is also a great tool if you happen to use Google as your online photo storage service.

The Google+ iOS app update that hit the iTunes App Store today not only adds Instant Upload, but has a couple extra features. It also now shows you who has +1ed a post, and it adds the new "What's Hot" stream, that Google has been trying to push as a way to surface cool content and users on G+. 

Not a lot of new features, but definitely very good ones. If you don't have Google+ yet, you can grab the app for free in the iTunes App Store



1. Jphones

Posts: 258; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

Google+ definitely a Facebook killer. Just like MySpace was hot back in the day Facebook killed it and Googl+ will eventually catch up to Facebook once more people start using it and find It's way better than Facebook. Social sites always have A life expectancy get on board early people.

2. _idan_

Posts: 10; Member since: Feb 14, 2012

"Instant Upload, for those who may not know yet, is probably the best feature available for casual Google+ users, because you can get value from it even if you don't really use Google+. " you're joking right? while a fan of g+, lolz, its funny that all those i know, this is the first feature they turn off. why would anyone want to waste all that bandwith backing up pics and videos that are auto compressed and useless for long term storage? for sharing? hell anything i want shared i can upload then and there from my gallery.

4. MichaelHeller

Posts: 2734; Member since: May 26, 2011

1) I'm talking about casual users, not professional photographers here. 2) you can set it to only upload on WiFi if you're that worried about your bandwidth usage. 3) Images are compressed to 3MP, which is still far bigger than most casual users would ever need, especially when sharing on the web. 4) why is it useless for long-term storage? do you expect Google to go out of business soon, or lose your data? 5) Sure, you can upload anything you want to share, but there is absolutely no harm in having an automatic backup of your data.

6. _idan_

Posts: 10; Member since: Feb 14, 2012

You misunderstand. I am not talking about professional photos here either, but my phone comes with 8MP. Those being converted to 3MP makes them not worth as a backup for future download and reprint or editing and therefore long term storage, still having to use dropbox or copy files manually to a hard drive. Videos that are also resized from 720p or 1080p to whatever and can not be downloaded even through data liberation option... So why would i upload every single pic and video if I'm gonna share 1 out of 100 on g+ taking above into consideration. Bandwidth concerns and Google going out of business has got nothing to do with that. See, this is where I think Nokia was on the right track with OVI Share (don't think it will survive much longer). Even though pics and videos were resized for the web purposes, you the owner, can always get to the original uploaded files and thats what made them valuable. Sadly with g+ picasa you can't.

5. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

I have a daughter and love the fact that every picture I take is backed up.. especially with all the stuff I do to my phone. and it only uses 3g if u tell it. u can set it to wifi uploads only as well as on a charger only so it doesn't take battery life..

3. ReformedCtrlZ

Posts: 13; Member since: May 16, 2011

Windows Phone 7 shipped with the ability to do this without google+ or any other app. I think its turned off by default (for lower data consumption) but every picture I take now is automatically uploaded safe on my skydrive... in other words, instant upload is not a "Killer Feature."

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