Google VP pats his company on the back for acquiring Android

Google VP pats his company on the back for acquiring Android
When Google VP David Lawee saw Andy Rubin in the hallways for two years, walking his dog, he would say to himself , "I hope this guy does something." Rubin has certainly done more than just "something" as the open source Android OS that he brought to the Mountain View based company in 2005 for an estimated $50 million is now on track to be the number one mobile OS by 2014.

Lawee says that buying Android was "the best deal ever" for Google. While strangely enough, the company doesn't get 1 red cent from phone manufacturers like HTC or Motorola for use of the software, Google does make money on mobile advertising. Senior VP of product management Jonathan Rosenberg said "The people who are accessing our products and services through their mobile phones are adding $1 billion to our revenue streams. Clearly, this is the future of search on the Internet." The $1 billion in annual revenue coming from mobile ads is mostly due to another acquisition Google made when it bought AdMob earlier this year for $750 million.

source: VentureBeat

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