Google Translate updated with more accurate offline translation

Google Translate updated with more accurate offline translation
Google Translate is the world’s most used translation tool, and it offers a number of powerful features that make it great for travelling. One of these features is offline translation, and the internet giant just released an update to make it better than ever.

Offline translation is really handy, especially when travelling to places where internet connectivity may be limited. However, that extra convenience may often come at the expense of accuracy, which can render the translation useless. Google just released an important update to Translate that it says will offer enhanced accuracy across most languages, with the boost reflected in grammar and word choice to make for a better and more natural translation.

Accuracy in translation can be difficult to quantify concretely, but Google is boasting improvements of up to 20% in languages like Japanese and Hindi. One of the languages mentioned is Korean, so I ran a quick test to see if Translate could render a medium-length sentence with any accuracy. The result?

Pretty good! The sentence was translated naturally and accurately, except for 'Google Translation'. This test isn’t comprehensive by any means, but it does show that machine translation is yet another field where technology has made vast advances.

The updated offline translation can be found in the latest version 6.4 of Google Translate. The update also brings offline capabilities to 10 new languages, including Tamil, Bengali, and Urdu.


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