Google Maps Street View might soon allow users to upload their own photos of places and streets

Google Maps Street View might soon allow users to upload their own photos of places
Google Maps is now one of the most popular navigation and exploration tools, and a new feature coming to its Google Street View might soon allow people to upload photos to make sure hardly reachable areas of streets or cities can be visible in Google Street View. SlashGear reports that the feature to upload images will be present in the standalone app Google Street View, which will allow you to use your smartphone to contribute to Google Maps.

In the beginning, in order to be able to place you on a street in Google Maps, Google had cars that went about with big 360-degree cameras that took photos of the streets. This later helps anyone who needs more precise navigation or to get a feel of the streets in Google Maps and Google Street View to virtually place themselves in the middle of the street and look around.

Now, to further this capability and make previous unavailable-for-visualization places accessible, Google’s Street View will have a feature that can use your smartphone to take photos of the place as you drive. Reddit user -J-G- spotted the feature in Google Street View Driving mode. Additionally, Google might need to use some image processing and software to merge the photos together for a 360-angle view.

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As expected, the app will blur faces and vehicle plates, protecting the privacy of everyone while at the same time providing more images and visualization to Google Street View in places unreachable for Google alone.

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