Google Play Games to add screen recording and live streaming to YouTube Gaming soon

Google is obviously very serious about its push into streaming games. YouTube Gaming launched not too long ago, and now we're getting a bit more info on plans to bring screen recording and live streaming of games on Android to YouTube Gaming. Interestingly, it looks as though Google may add the functionality directly to Google Play Games.

At the 2015 Tokyo Game Show Keynote, Google confirmed that it would be making it possible to stream games from Android to YouTube Gaming and it sounds like the process of streaming your play sessions to YouTube Gaming will begin in the Google Play Games app. The code hounds over at AndroidPolice have confirmed that the code snippets and some icon assets have already begun making their way into the Play Games app v3.3, but quite a lot of the screencasting capabilities are still within the YouTube Gaming app. But, it may be that making video recording available in more games would be easier to do through Play Games, and the YouTube Gaming app is better suited for consuming video. 

The early code snippets show options for 480p and 720p recording, but not 1080p, so that may not be available at launch. Additionally, there are standard icons for toggling the microphone and front-facing camera on and off, as well as floating action buttons for the same options and record buttons. 

However, it does appear that more work is needed to add functionality to Play Games, so it is unclear when the new options will be rolling out. An educated guess says we may learn more at Google's press conference at the end of the month. Along with announcing new Nexus devices, it would not be surprising to see more details on Android Marshmallow and new features like YouTube Gaming recording and streaming would fit right in there. 



6. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Oh yeah I really want to sit and watch people play Angry Birds. Such a great feature.

7. Astonvan

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whats wrong with you man?? hating on everthing!

9. xfire99

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Kltpzyxm - Now begon to u own 5th Apple dimension and stay there for 90 days! I will stream Angry Birds for u, so u can watch how great this feature is. :)))

11. Ordinary

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Lol you dropped a gem on him.

10. shahrooz

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I would definatley watch PewDiePie

12. gaming64 unregistered

You and I have the same plan, bro BROFIST

5. xfire99

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The beauty of Worlds Most Advace Mobile platform and always new features.

4. javy108

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Lets share our Clash Of Clans scores :p

1. arch_angel

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2. Finalflash

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Can't wait for YouTube to become the standard for streaming games. Twitch's players is so terrible it isn't even funny. Outdated with no rewind feature during a live stream.

3. arch_angel

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13. Tziggy14

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So you want YouTube to be a monopoly?

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