Google Mobile App finally lands on BlackBerry Storm phones

Google Mobile App finally lands on BlackBerry Storm phones
Owners of either the BlackBerry Storm or Storm2 are finally getting their chance on seeing a Google Mobile App. Gmail users are sure to be pleased with the application as they've probably been waiting a long time for this to come and watched many other devices get treated to it already. Now they'll be able to do all the common things we love about the app such as being able to use your voice to execute a Google or contact search directly on the handset as opposed to typing it. Additionally it'll offer things like Google Suggest, search history, and links to other popular services such as Goolge Maps and Gmail – all of the refinements we love about it. Available in over 7 different languages, owners can simply go to on their web browser to download the app directly to their handset. Storm owners may have been neglected for a long time, but luckily they haven't been forgotten as this app is finally out and available.

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