Google sharing your battery stats is creepy, but useful (results)


Creepy or useful, what do you think about Google's location and battery life sharing?


Google has been testing its Maps location sharing service with a pretty unorthodox new feature for a while now. Yes, we are talking about the fact that you can now see the other person's phone battery life as well as track their whereabouts. This is why we asked you if you are fine with Google sharing your battery life as well as your location with your exes, and just a third of our respondents considered this a rather creepy move. Most find it either useful or somewhat intruding, but still, a good one to keep.

That's how the times have changed in terms of personal info exchange, and the feature is obviously going to be permanent within Maps' location sharing. It turns out that not many consider this strange and somewhat of an intrusion on already shaky privacy grounds by Google.

Most don't really mind, as it instills a sense of urgency if something goes awry, and the person needs to be located. Moreover, you will know they went AWOL because their battery died rather than bust your head over more nefarious theories.

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