Google Glass unlocked and loaded with Ubuntu live at I/O

Google Glass unlocked and loaded with Ubuntu live at I/O
When we first saw it on the schedule, we knew that something good would come out of the Google I/O session titled "Voiding Your Warranty: Hacking Glass", and we were not disappointed. Apparently during the session, Google Glass was unlocked, given root access, and loaded up to run Ubuntu.

To be clear, the provocative title to the I/O session is not using the word "hack" in the way it would be used by the mass media with a connotation of doing something you aren't supposed to. Glass is a developer device, and Google wants all sorts of experimentation; so, in this case, the word "hack" is used in the way developers use the term, which is defined perfectly on UrbanDictionary:
The process of installing Ubuntu on Glass took a few steps. First, Glass had to be loaded with Launcher, Settings, and Notepad APKs, then paired to a keyboard and trackpad. After that, it was a matter of jumping into the terminal, unlocking, gaining root access, and following the process you usually would to install Ubuntu. First, load up a Terminal Emulator, and Complete Linux Installer, and you're on your way. 

The full session video is below, but the part with loading up Ubuntu can be found at around 5:53:00 or so (we'll link it directly in the source).

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