Google Chromecast three-month free Netflix deal sells out in a day

Google Chromecast three-month free Netflix deal sells out in a day
Google’s biggest surprise at its ‘breakfast with Sundar Pichai’ Nexus7/Android 4.3 event was the unveiling of its TV USB flash drive the Chromecast. Priced at only $35, it’s a steal and no wonder it sold out in minutes on the Google Play store and is now sold on eBay for around $100 to wannabe buyers. One of the best things about the Chromecast was that included in those $35 already were three months of free Netflix. This alone would cost $24 making buying the Google Chromecast a no-brainer.

However, given that the promotion was one in limited quantities, Google sold out of it so quickly some (including prominent Apple fanalysts) thought it was a mistake. It’s not - the limited Netflix deal was exactly what Google announced it was - limited. Google even released an official message explaining the situation:

“Due to overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices since launch, the 3-month Netflix promotion (which was available in limited quantities) is no longer available.”

Right now, the Chromecast is sold out on Amazon as demand for the tiny TV streamer is huge. You can still get it on Google Play and on Best Buy.

Even without the free Netflix deal, at $35, the Chromecast still seems like a steal to us. What do you think, have you gotten yours already?

source: AllThingsD

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