Google Cardboard virtual reality headset grows bigger, gets iPhone support

Google Cardboard virtual reality headset grows bigger, gets iPhone support
It was a year ago when Google introduced a rather unusual gadget – its very own virtual reality headset. Unlike other VR solutions, it was cheap and simple, yet over time, over a million users were inspired to get one, fold it together, and dive into the virtual experience it delivered. The device in question was Google Cardboard.

Today, Google announced an updated version of its VR headset – one that works with a broader range of devices. Being bigger makes the new Google Cardboard compatible with larger phones, and according to Google, even a 6-incher should fit in there. Furthermore, iPhones are now also welcome. Developers who design Google Cardboard apps may choose to  make them available on iOS as well as the SDK for Unity will support Apple's OS as well.

In addition to being larger, Google Cardboard is now simpler to assemble. The new variant of the contraption takes just 3 steps to assemble, as opposed to the 12 steps its predecessor required. And in essence, it is still a cardboard-made headset with a pair of lenses that focus your vision on a phone's display. 

As of today, the Google Play store is boasting hundreds of apps made for Cardboard, but Google wants to take matters to a different level. Hence, Google's Expeditions were born. In a nutshell, it is a project meant to bring the VR experience to schools, allowing students to explore distant locations without leaving the classroom. While students are each provided with one of multiple synchronized headsets, the teacher is given control over the virtual locations being visited through a dedicated tablet device. 

The new Google Cardboard should go on sale via retail partners in the very near future. Any takers?

source: Google

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