Google CEO Larry Page speaks up on Apple, Motorola Nexus, self-driving cars and more

Google CEO Larry Page speaks up on Apple, Motorola Nexus, self-driving cars and more
Google’s chief executive Larry Page might not be getting as much of the press attention as Apple and its post-Jobs leader Tim Cook, but with Android now effectively dominating global smartphone sales, it is hard to underestimate the impact Google has.

If we had to compare Google and Apple, it seems the two stand for radically different business models, extremely different approaches.

What’s interesting about Google however is not just its current products, but also the unique way by which it is organized. The search giant started with the 70/20/10 model, where 70% of its effort was dedicated to ads, 20% to apps and 10% to brand new projects, and has retained this profile up until this day.

With this look at the future embedded at the core of its principles, Larry Page explains how Google relates to Apple, gives some more details on his relationship with Jobs, and speaks about things like a possible Motorola Nexus to how he runs Google. All of those are extremely insightful and interesting thoughts, we strongly suggest you checl out the full interview Page gave for Fortune at the source link, but we have also selected some excerpts right below.

On Apple:

On a Motorola Nexus:

On running a company:

On the future:

source: Fortune


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